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This kitchen was part of a complete two-unit condominium remodel project. The building architecture is from the Edwardian period, and the interior spaces of the building had not been updated since the 1950 and were in rough condition. The kitchen area was actually two adjacent rooms: refrigerator sitting in the middle of the smaller "laundry" room, and everything else in the second, long an slender room. The remodel objectives and design concept included the following:
  • default_titleBring the unit up to contemporary living standards and building codes
  • default_titleReconfigure the kitchen and laundry areas into a functional whole with proper workflow for an at-home gourmet chef and professional quality appliances
  • default_titleUpdate the bath facilities with highest quality fixtures, cabinets and finishes
  • default_titleUnify the architectural details throughout - consistent with the era of original construction - while at the same time freshening the overall look and feel with new cabinetry, countertops, finishes, color selection, judicious use of new lighting, hardware and other period detailing
  • default_titleAll work to be done to exacting standards and integrity for longevity and enjoyment. Environmentally friendly product and material selection emphasized throughout the remodel
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Scope of Project

The kitchen and laundry area were completely reconceived to support a contemporary workflow and lifestyle, and yield a chef-quality food preparation center. The kitchen and laundry area were taken back to the studs and reconfigured.

New custom cabinetry and trim installed throughout with contemporary refinements:
  • US manufactured Apply-Ply cabinet carcasses with full inset face frames, lacquer-finished natural maple wood cabinet interiors, adjustable shelving, dovetail drawers with soft-close and adjustable under-mounted slides
  • default_titlecountertop heights at contemporary living standards
  • default_titleceiling-high upper cabinets for additional storage
  • default_titleunder-counter laundry installation in smaller room with large pantry and broom closet
  • default_titleconversion of the original in-wall “icebox” unit into proper small appliance "garage" with integrated bookshelf storage
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Although contemporary refinements were included, the cabinets were designed to tie back to the original architectural period:
  • default_titleframe-and-panel doors
  • default_titlefull face frame construction with recessed doors and drawers
  • default_titlepainted exterior
  • default_titleDeco-period polished nickel hinges, pulls and surface cabinet latches
  • default_titleball-n-catch concealed door latches
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The countertops are granite (with marble-like figuration) selected specifically for color compatibility to the original period, but including figurative swirls in the stone to give the kitchen a fresh and updated appearance.
Custom made ceramic tile with decorative inserts were employed in the backsplash behind the range.
All new top quality appliances were chosen for their function, space and workflow compatibility and eco-friendly features:
  • default_titleMiele stainless steel dishwasher with crystal-safe cycles and concealed controls.
  • default_titleProfessional extra-deep and heavy-gage Franke stainless sink with high capacity disposal unit, Blanco single-lever pullout faucet, soap dispenser, countertop air-switched disposal for safety, a commercial quality water filtration system (Multipure) for the Franke “Little Butler” cold water dispenser at the sink and for supply to the ice maker in the refrigerator/freezer.
  • default_titleHäfele pull-out trash/recycle system under sink.
  • default_titleCapital Cooking Equipment stainless steel gas range with five-burner cooktop and gas oven with convection. This unit was chosen for its ultra-high output center burner suitable for wok-style cooking or fast heating of a pasta pot. A Chicago Faucet pot filler which articulates to all burner positions is mounted in the tile backsplash behind the range.
  • default_titleA Liebherr (a German refrigeration company on par with Miele in their category) was chosen to facilitate high capacity storage in a compact footprint, offer substantial energy savings over the Sub-Zero equivalent, and includes an ice maker in the lower freezer unit.
  • default_titleVent-A-Hood externally vented over-range exhaust system with integrated halogen lighting, multi-speed fan control and removable fan unit for easy cleaning.
  • default_titleThe large capacity washer and dryer units are by LG, with extensive wash/dry cycles (including sanitization).
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The large storage cabinet in the laundry area contains the centralized CATV/phone/networking panel, and the new main electrical breaker panel dedicated to the unit is also in the laundry.
The recessed ceiling lighting in the kitchen and laundry is eco-friendly and color-balanced fluorescent. The kitchen includes under-counter fluorescent lighting and the kitchen recessed lighting is on a dimmer circuit.
Hardwood floors were chosen in the kitchen/laundry area for warmth, compatibility with the adjacent rooms, and while not accurate to the period, add a period feeling to the space. Modern hardwood floor finishes significantly lower the historical reservatiosn of hardwood floor use in kitchens, are easy to clean, warm and forgiving to bare feet.

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The period design detailing of the cabinetry was drawn from this image taken from an interior design magazine.


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This is how the cabinet design concept was translated into this kitchen dimensions.


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This photo shows one area of the original kitchen with the smaller "laundry" room behind. Note the floor - seven (7) different layers of linoleum and vinyl coverings laid down with a variety of adhesives and tiny tacks every two inches in the lower levels.


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This is how that area of the kitchen ended up after the remodel.


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This is another area of the original kitchen, and the ideal place for the refrigerator after the reconfiguration of the space.


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This is how that area of the kitchen turned out after the remodel.


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Another area of the original kitchen showing doorway into the smaller "laundry" room where the original refrigerator was positioned in the middle of the floor. Note the in-wall cabinet which is an "icebox" from the original construction of the building, and rife with dry-rot and leaking to the exterior.


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This image shows the same area of the kitchen after the remodel. The "icebox" was removed and converted into a combination small appliance garage and bookshelf. The remodeled laundry room can be seen, along with the new sink-base unit below the window (also replaced with eco-friendly double-hung unit).


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Shown here is one area of the kitchen during the installation of the new cabinets.


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Same area as previous picture three weeks later and after completion.


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This image shows details of the revised corner cooking station with pot filler and custom backsplash tiles, granite countertops and new high-capacity range hood with vent fan mounted on the roof to keep noise to a minimum.


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This photo illustrates the implementation of the laundry room with extensive storage cabinets, broom closet, under-counter high-capacity washer/dryer and granite countertops.


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A view of the reconfigured kitchen. The refrigerator is to the right of this photo and can be seen in the next image.


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The reconfigured and remodeled kitchen as seen from the laundry room. Note the workflow improvement with the triangular positioning of the major areas of the reconfigured kitchen: cold storage, prep & cleanup, and cooking stations all within a few steps – a substantial improvement from the original kitchen layout.
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