Marble-Topped Bookcase

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The goal of this project was to provide a unique bookcase with design elements drawn from the clients favorite architect & designer - Charles Rennie Mackintosh - and a design that could fit into a space with contemporary architecture and furnishings. The bookcase was proportioned for a specific corner space, and was to become a sculptural focal point in the room.

Scope of Project

The bookcase is fabricated from European Beach and Baltic Birch plywood, finished in a grey spray-on lacquer, and topped in highly figured marble complementing the color of the bookcase. The joinery is mortise-and-tenon throughout.

Click on each image to view a larger version of the image and to reveal more specific information about the bookcase construction.


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This drawing shows some of the design alternatives presented to the client. The decision was to use the concept labeled "A3" in the drawing. Note the odd-shaped area where the bookcase would be placed. The shape of the intersecting walls give rise to the six-sided marble top design.


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One of the shop drawing showing the details of the construction and dimensions.


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This drawing shows the complex construction of the bookcase sides.


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One of the sides of the bookcase in final glue-up.


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A close-up of one of the bookcase sides showing the joinery detail that required highly precise machining of the parts making up the structure.


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This is a photo of the marble slab that was selected for the top of the bookcase. This marble is white Carrera with a highly figured area. The red marks outline the area of the marble slab that would become the finished bookcase top.


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The marble slab after the cutting-out of the top. The remainder of the slab was used to fabricate tops for two other tables owned by the client.


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A striking marble top indeed. Note the six-sided nature of the top.


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Finished bookcase.


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Edge detail of the marble top.


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A view of the bookcase side details from an adjacent room.
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