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Best Services is a sole proprietorship – when you hire us, you get David Best and my 40+ years in the home improvement field. I’ve been called a lot of things: coach, mentor, consultant, advisor, designer, carpenter, woodworker. As a remodeling consultant, what I really do is help the homeowner be successful in home repair and remodel projects.

My approach is collaborative and problem solving in nature. I will help you "know the unknowns" and work on your behalf to achieve a better end result, at lower cost, while eliminating costly mistakes and "do over" delays. As your advocate, I have your back, work to keep you out of trouble, and get results.

My foremost objective is to ensure that what is conceptualized at the outset of a project is achievable within the budget and schedule constraints, and that the implementation represents sound construction principles and building codes where appropriate.

Why hire David? Because of what he knows, and the things that you don't –– the longterm consequences of repair & remodel options, planning questions you don't even know are important, how to select and work with quality contractors, non-obvious cost & quality tradeoffs, and a lot more.
Barb S., Portland Oregon
I tailor my services to meet your needs specifically. Typically my services are provided as a consultant on an hourly basis – you pay only for the services you need. I do not mark up the work of others or take compensation from anyone but you, the homeowner.

I have the expertise and tools to perform detailed design work, prepare the construction drawings, plans and specifications, and can continue working with you right on through obtaining the necessary permits from the local authorities.

For remodel projects where an architect is involved, I can become your advisor and/or surrogate during design reviews, oversee the architect’s work to ensure your objectives are being met, and make important contributions to the interior design and aesthetic elements.

When it comes time to get the work done, I work with you on obtaining bids and quotes, vetting subcontractors, and actually managing the people doing the work. If you would prefer to manage the workers yourself, I can act as your quality assurance backstop on an on-call advisory basis.

I have the relationships with the various tradespeople, suppliers and contractors, and I speak their language – I know how identify those who talk the talk, but don't walk the walk, and can quickly spot ambiguous, misleading or flatly incorrect claims and recommendations by contractors. With my experience at your side, you will have confidence in dealing with suppliers and tradespeople in an informed manner.

The following pages provide a brief overview of my experience, more details and specifics about the home remodeling process and our role in it, as well as a few pages with examples of my work.
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