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As the proprietor of Best Services, I have been in training for this job for over 40 years. My name is David Best, and from an early age, I began acquiring woodworking skills from my journeyman carpenter father. I have spent my life in and around the home construction and remodeling field. My expertise comes from real on-the-job experience, and today I operate a state of the art woodworking and millwork shop, in addition to advising homeowners on their own home improvement projects.

We asked David to design and build what we thought would be several straightforward projects, but to our delight he quickly understood our design sensibilities far better than we did. In both cases, he came back with wonderful and innovative versions of our original ideas. And we loved how meticulous he was in the building and installation of these projects.
Richard T., Portland Oregon
My experience in home construction began in 1965 when I was hired as carpenter for several home addition projects in the Midwest. By the time I was 30, I had designed and built my own post and beam home in New Hampshire.

Starting in the 1980’s in San Francisco, I became active in older home renovation and remodeling, worked in the interior design field, and acted as designer, project manager and even finish carpenter on a multitude of projects. San Francisco is a demanding market – not only because of it’s byzantine and ever-changing building codes, but also due to the demand for tasteful and historically sensitive renovations that also meet the needs of the contemporary lifestyle. I have played an important design and project management role in many very exciting and successful remodel and renovation projects. Bringing functional practicality together with refined taste and sound construction practices is my specialty. And since I'm a foodie and avid home chef, I know how to design kitchens that serve the workflow and meal preparation needs of a serious cook, in addition to looking great.

Through my experience in home renovation projects, I have had the dubious joy of correcting many botched attempts at home improvements started by other, less capable individuals. I know from experience what works, what doesn’t, and when to bring in qualified experts for specific roles. I’ve also learned my way around municipal building and planning departments, permitting and inspections, how to qualify and vet subcontractors and tradespeople, and how to orchestrate a competitive bidding process.

Woodworking has been one of my passionate pursuits since high school, and today, in addition to operating a commercial fine woodworking shop, I am a recognized expert on the use and maintenance of specialized European woodworking equipment, and my published book on that subject is the acknowledged reference standard in the field. As an educator and tutor in the woodworking field, I am an active participant in online woodworking groups, and have authored numerous tutorial web sites pertaining to advanced woodworking machinery and techniques for the proper & safe use, and maintenance of this fine equipment.

My woodworking skills and projects span the gamut – from chicken coops to building historically accurate harpsichord reproductions, and just about everything in between, including heirloom-quality kitchen cabinets and fine furniture. Examples of my craftsmanship can be seen in the section on "Fine Woodworking."

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