Remodel Consulting and Design Assistance

Every project is unique, and every homeowner has a different view of their role in the process. If you are inexperienced, or unfamiliar with the home repair or remodeling process, we are here to help you.

If you are considering a remodel or repair project, your first instinct may be to bring in a General Contractor. But keep in mind that General Contractors always serve two masters – the homeowner and themselves. Throughout a repair or remodel project, I participate without conflicting interests, and I serve only one master: you, the homeowner. Having a knowledgable and experienced professional working exclusively for your benefit from the outset of a remodel project can be very beneficial – even (or especially) in situations involving an architect, or where a General Contractor is the appropriate choice to handle the construction phase.

If you are considering acting as your own general contractor, but don’t have all the requisite experience or resources, I can enhance your knowledge and coach you through the process.

A typical remodel project goes through as many as five phases as discussed below. We can provide assistance to you in any and all of these phases, as required, and depending upon how involved you wish to be in the process. Click on the headlines below for more information on each phase in the process and how we can add value to the project.

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