Home Repair and Remodel Consulting

From concept to construction, a remodel or home addition can involve many steps and several different organizations. The process can be vexing and anxiety-provoking, and to many it represents a huge hassle and lifestyle upset during the process. Even simple repairs can be troublesome to manage and orchestrate.

If you’re a homeowner contemplating a repair or remodel, we help you understand what you’re getting into before you begin, so you can better conceive of the overall process and plan accordingly. We can offer design ideas and floor plan alternatives, and we can be your backstop or project manager during construction. The scope of the project can be any size:
  • interior or exterior damage repair
  • cosmetic enhancements to the exterior
  • updating the interior design elements
  • reconfiguring the living space to meet lifestyle changes
  • renovation and improvements to kitchen and bathrooms
  • room additions and complete home restoration
We are available to assist you through any or all of the phases in home repair and remodeling, and we tailor our services to your specific project – engage us for exactly what you need, and no more.

Additional information about how we assist homeowners with home improvement projects can be reviewed on the page "Our Approach.".

The various phases of a home remodel project, and the ways in which we can contribute are presented on the page "How We Help."

In the section "Remodel Examples" you can view photographs of several of our projects – from simple home repairs to complete home renovations and additions.

Troubleshooting and Crisis Consultation

You might have a nagging repair you keep meaning to fix, or your house might have a problem that you cannot resolve. We can help resolve these issues for you.

Perhaps your renovation is underway, but for some reason the job has gotten off track, and communication among the design team and construction workers seems to have broken down. If so, it can be helpful to have an advocate for your interests, or simply an objective, knowledgeable third party to help sort out problems.

If your home improvement project is not meeting your expectations, call us for help.

Home Improvement Assessment for Home Buyers'

If you are considering the purchase of a property, we can provide you with a candid assessment of that property’s pros and cons, how it fits (or does not fit) your lifestyle needs, and offer suggestions on the feasibility and costs of any remodel or improvements you might be contemplating to make the property fully meet your needs. Yes, an architect or builder can provide important insights, and you might consider bringing them into the assessment. But their input may be skewed by their understandable desire to do the work. We can give you thoughtful, objective, and unbiased council to help ensure that you’re making a fully informed decision.

While a conventional building inspection report (which you should obtain before entering into a binding purchase agreement on a new home) can alert you to repair needs, it will not offer pros and cons of the property and how that property meets your needs.

Fix up or Move Feasibility Consultations

If you’re considering a major remodel or renovation, it’s advisable to consider all your options before diving in. Have you really considered whether to move instead of remodel? Or, if you are committed to a remodel or renovation, have you set realistic limits on expenditures to ensure you don’t unknowingly over-improve your home in the advent of a future move? We can bring rational perspective to that decision process by working through design options, helping you prioritize your needs, and providing realistic estimates on costs and timelines before you contact a builder or architect.

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