What We Do

Tackling a home repair project?

It is important to diagnose a problem correctly before beginning repairs. We can provide the expertise to determine the root of a problem and suggest options for a permanent solution. We provide objective advice on how to tackle each project, and we can help hire and/or manage the necessary workers to complete the repairs.

Considering a remodel, renovation, or addition?

It pays to have someone who is exclusively on your side as a knowledgeable and impartial sounding board and to help navigate the process. Whether you approach the project on a “manage it yourself” basis, or intend to bring in a licensed architect and general contractor, we can be your guide and experienced advocate during design and construction.

Need custom furniture, unique cabinetry, or one-off millwork?

We specialize in unique bespoke furniture and full custom kitchen and bath cabinetry, and operate a low-overhead, state-of-the-art woodworking shop in Portland. We can design, fabricate and install exactly what you need, with short lead times.

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